That I'm posting a letra por bulerías.

(Hang on the translation is coming, but if you can't wait, just scroll down.)

I heard this one in Jerez

Niño de la Fragua sang it down the street from us at Peña la Bulería.

We were so tired that night.

From all of the dancing and walking around and doing of things.

We were tired and unmotivated.  We were thinking we might just stay in.

I'm really glad we didn't do that

Especially now being home in Portland.

Where I can't experience anything like that.  Obviously.

It is okay.

Está bien.

It is completely fine.

It is actually WONDERFUL

It is one of the reasons I love to travel.

To experience things that can only be experienced in the place where I am experiencing them.  And then finding ways to remember them when I come back home.  I'm glad everything isn't available in the same way everywhere.  I'm pretty sure that would be boring.

I miss Spain

And I miss bulerías in Jerez.  God, I REALLY do.

I can't explain it.

But I don't want to be there right now

I want to be here.  Where I am.  I want to be home.

Home that offers me things that the places that aren't home can't ...

A certain kind of comfort.  And certain kinds of friends who know me in certain kinds of ways.  And family.  Even though my family left for the holidays, and that makes me sad.

I'm glad to be home.

And I'm glad that we make our own flamenco festivities happen right here in Portland.  They're nothing like what happens over there.  And they shouldn't be.  Because they're what happens over here.

And then there's this

Once I'm done being here, I get to go back there.

Where I can once again experience flamenco in Spain.

And bulerías.

Like this one...

Vente a la verita mía
que ya cerquita está el infierno
y la camita se pone fría

Come to my side
for hell is now near
and the bed gets cold

I'm not used to many flamenco letras rhyming.

I was drawn to this one when I heard him sing it at the peña.  I could only understand the first line.  Which is so often the case for me when listening to bulerías.  So I had to do some investigating to find out the rest of the words.  Thankfully, I found this.

As far as I know it is a letra popular.


And you?  Tell me about an experience you had while traveling that would have been impossible to have had at home.  Tell me about something you like about being home.  What do you most look forward to about home once you return from a long trip?  And, what about flamenco in your home town?  What do you like about it?   Leave a comment below.