It's another fandangos verse from Mayte Martín's Conquero, which we are dancing to in Ricardo's beginning workshop.   Here is Antonio Rengel singing it. It seems he may have written it, but I am not sure. If you know, please let me know. 

Fandangos de Huelva

Conchas llenas de lunares
olas de la mar el calma
si me dieras tus amores
yo te entregaría el alma
María de los Dolores

Shells full of polka-dots 
waves of the calm sea
if you gave me your love
I would give you my soul  
María de los Dolores

Translating challenges me, as you know. If you come up with a different interpretation, please share it below. (Thanks for the translation help last week, José and John) Or, if you would just like to comment, I'd love that as well.