I am in Córdoba.  I like it here.

This evening we were taking a stroll, my nieces, my sister, and I.

Dando un paseo

That's something I like about Spain.  Families and friends taking walks around the town together.  It is normal.  It happens every day.  So many people out and about.  Together.

We walked by jasmine

Lots of jasmine hanging down the wall.

El olor.

The smell.

Ada, Margot, and I couldn't get enough of it.

And so, one of my favorite tangos, from Camarón ...

From Tangos de la Sultana

A mata de romero huele tu cuerpo,
no hay en la tierra mora
jazmín más tierno

Your body smells like the rosemary bush,
There is no jasmine more tender
in all the Moorish land.

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