Last Saturday was the holiday fiesta.  And we did bulerías. In our way. Which reminds me....

I told you I'd be giving you more little tips from Ani's class.

But first let's talk briefly about steps

Because you learn a lot of steps in in bulerías class.

You could say they are just steps.

To play with.

To practice.

To try out.

To hold on to. (If you like.)

They can even be thought of as tools for understanding how the conversation works.

But going back to the liking them thing...

I am remembering this one day when Ani was talking about dancing por fiesta and how she approaches it.

Primero yo tengo que estar agusto.

First she has to be comfortable.

She dances in a way that feels good to her.

Yo bailo por mi misma primero, y después por otra persona.

She dances for herself first and then for other people.

Back to the steps

It is important to do moves that you feel comfortable with and that you like.

Maybe you are able to do trickier steps, but in a por fiesta setting that’s not necessary.

It kind of goes along with what she said about not eating a green banana, which I can tell you about soon.

Do what feels comfortable.

Do what you enjoy.

Dance in a way that feels good to YOU.

A new bulerias series is starting in January. Perhaps we'll see you there.


I want to know your thoughts.  How do you approach bulerías.  What do you do with steps you don't particularly like?  What do you do when it's not fun?